A New Year’s Resolution – Sort a Proper Strategy for Maintenance Services

Is maintenance your business, or does it play a big part of your service delivery or operational management role? For larger organisations from HE sector to NHS Trust’s, maintenance costs millions of pounds each year and covers a range of needs from statutory/mandatory requirements to ensuring smooth operational running and uptime. It is therefore disappointing that this vital service is too often left more or less to its own devices and not subject to proper long-term strategic planning. Our new approach to working with organisations to produce a well-considered longer-term maintenance strategy is now helping changing this norm.

Robert McNamara Director Capitec – “It’s been a delight to work on a major maintenance strategy for a high-profile forward-thinking organisation. The work has helped them plan to address a number of more structural issues and weaknesses with the current service and plot a considered (and costed) road map to excellence. This plan will deliver a truly modern (and digitally-based), sustainable customer-focused maintenance offering over the next 5 years and beyond. This will provide an improved and more customer tailored maintenance service offering and help protect estates Capital investments and improve safety and compliance over decades to come – Maintenance matters and done well is a great investment.“