Helping FM work better –The easy-to-use graphical FM Handbook (University of Birmingham)

Getting our message across in a way that makes accessing FM services easier and simpler is an essential part of a well-run operation. We have worked closely with the University of Birmingham’s leading FM team to develop a highly user-friendly ‘FM Handbook’ for this prestigious Universities Estates Office managed FM services. This provides key background information and what to do under normal or even emergency circumstances, in a graphical and easy-to-access and navigate user-friendly format.

Even when FM services are exceptional, people still need to know how to access and use then and even raise issues if things don’t work out. Good communications really do improve the end-users experience of FM services. How we get key messages across is vitally important, particularly in the modern often time-constrained world.

"It is not easy to make the complex simple, but it is very much worth the effort for end users who ultimately need easy-to-understand but highly informative digital-friendly information!” Robert McNamara Director and HE lead for Capitec Ltd.